St. John Valley’s AC Swagger triumphs at Jr. Coyote Classic

2 months ago

By Kristen Henry

St. John Valley traveling basketball team AC Swagger emerged victorious at the Jr. Coyote Classic 7/8 Division, securing the grand prize — The Golden Basketball. The tournament, which featured 20 competitive teams, witnessed the young athletes of St. John Valley outshine their opponents in a series of highly competitive matches.

The journey to victory began with a win against Presque Isle, where AC Swagger set the tone with a 46-40 victory. The momentum continued as they edged past Bangor-Harvey with a score of 48-41, followed by a commanding 71-32 win over Camden Hills. These victories paved the way to the finals, where they outperformed Old Town Rec and Caribou with scores of 62-45 and 65-34, respectively. The championship was clinched with a 48-41 triumph over Hermon, marking a memorable moment for the team and their supporters.

Led by coaches Shawn Pelletier and Ben Gagnon, the team, consisting of five seventh-graders and two fifth-graders, demonstrated their talent, teamwork and fair play throughout the tournament. Their performance earned praise from both spectators and competing teams for their display of skills and camaraderie.

The St. John Valley-based AC Swagger recently secured The Golden Basketball at the Jr. Coyote Classic 7/8 Division, (Contributed photo)

Pelletier stated, “We faced teams from communities known for their strong basketball programs. Our players brought a high level of confidence to the court, a testament to winning the 5/6 championship last year.” He continues, “Despite moving up a division, we remained fearless, ready to take on anyone.”

Throughout the tournament, Quinn Pelletier spearheaded the scoring charge with a total of 172 points. Louie Hebert made a significant impact by sinking 3-pointers and amassing 76 points. He was well supported by Bradley Kennedy and Lucas Pelletier, who contributed 58 and 17 points, respectively, alongside Jaxon Pelletier and Owen Gagnon, who added 10 and nine points each. Kennedy showcased a formidable presence in the paint, while Jackson Holdsworth played a pivotal role in bolstering the team’s offensive efforts. Additionally, the team benefited from the behind-the-scenes efforts of Lawson Pelletier, who served as the official statistics tracker for AC Swagger.

AC Swagger is set to compete in the Eastern Maine Supercup Travel Basketball Tournaments. 

AC Swagger is an extracurricular youth basketball team in the Saint John Valley dedicated to providing an immersive basketball experience. AC Swagger participates in a variety of state-wide tournaments, showcasing their skills and teamwork across Maine. The team serves as a platform for young basketball players to challenge themselves, grow as players, and embrace the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.