More adventures with Ollie

Gail Wieder, Special to The County
2 weeks ago

Ollie turned a year old in January, and on March 21 he had been with us for one year. Time flies when you are having fun.  

We made it to that year mark, although there were several times during this past year I didn’t know if we would. Ollie at times was a little devil. What would you expect? He’s just a puppy. He has become a great part of our little family and is such a good boy now, much calmer. Although it is still a work in progress, he minds pretty well.  

What has he been up to? Well, a few weeks ago, I was drinking my second cup of coffee one Saturday morning about 6:30. Ollie was on my husband’s lap, and he said, “Ollie’s jowls are just like leather.”

I said, “No they aren’t, they’re soft. That’s where I kiss him.”

Well, when Ollie heard “kiss,” he came over to me because he loves kisses.  When he jumped on my lap, I almost screamed. His mouth, jowl area and around his eyes were swollen and bright red.

My husband suggested to give him a piece of Benadryl. Unsure of how much to give him, I cut a pill in half and was able to reach the vet’s office at 8 a.m. They said to come right in.  

When we got there, a few of the techs came out to see him. He is kind of a celebrity there since they delivered him.  The doc said he was having an allergic reaction to something he ate, something outside, or it could be anything at this point, and that we would need to do a little detective work and see if it happens again.  

She said to give him a whole Benadryl every four hours. The ratio is 1 gram to 1 pound; and Ollie is 27 pounds and the pill is 25 grams.  She said if the swelling doesn’t go down, or if he had other problems like vomiting or diarrhea, to call back.  

Ollie seemed quite groggy and wasn’t his usual self. I figured the Benadryl made him tired. He slept the rest of the day and all day Sunday.  Sunday night he woke me up sick around 12 a.m., continuing every couple of hours. I felt so bad for him and, of course, I worried about what I’d given him to eat or if he got into where the raccoons rub against the cedar trees to get birdseed. As the vet said, we might not know what set the allergic reaction off until it happens again. 

Monday morning, we made another trip to the vet and were so thankful for to get in quickly. The doc said it was probably just from the allergic reaction and everything he went through; she gave him nausea medicine and a steroid shot.  He was back to his old self later that day. Ollie was so happy that he gave his doctor a few wet kisses, and she said he’s a goober.  

That was a scary weekend, and before long he was back to his normal Ollie antics. We are grateful for our veterinarian’s office.

Speaking of antics, he treed his first raccoon. Those darn varmints come out at night and get under the cedar trees in front of the house where the bird feeder is. My husband got up in the night to take Ollie outside, and the minute the door was open, he bolted. Ollie jumped and barked at the cedar tree and sure enough, the little masked bandit was perched up on a branch. I’m not sure who was prouder, Ollie for treeing the racoon or his dad because it was his first time treeing a bandit.   

If you are interested in adopting a pet for your family, check out the Central Aroostook Humane Society at 24 Cross Street in Presque Isle.  

I leave you with this quote by John Grogan: “Dogs are great. Bad dogs, if you can really call them that, are perhaps the greatest of them all.”

Gail Wieder is on the Central Aroostook Humane Society board of directors.