Woodland postpones town budget meeting again

1 month ago

WOODLAND, Maine – Woodland residents will need to wait a little longer to vote on their annual town and school budgets.

Last week, the Select Board opted to postpone the annual town meeting after a resident discovered that the budget warrants were not legal. The board members and town clerk Bridget Coats had not signed and attested that the warrants were official. 

Maine statute says that a town meeting cannot be held without official warrants that the board and clerk signs, said resident Rosemary Monahan.

Fifty-six Woodland residents arrived at Woodland Consolidated School June 12 for what they thought would be the annual town meeting. Instead, Select Board Chairperson Matt Cole adjourned the meeting after a moderator was elected and said that June 20 would give the town enough time to post the meeting legally.

Monahan said she notified the board of the unsigned warrants June 11.

Select Board members were not immediately available for comment Monday, June 17.

A post on the town’s website states that the Select Board will hold their next regular meeting Thursday, June 20 at 5:30 p.m. during which they will choose another date for the annual town meeting. 

The website post does not specify a location. Meetings are typically held at Woodland Consolidated School or the town garage.