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Learn to see both sides

To the editor:

In one of the James Bond movies, the villain is a media mogul intent on world domination. This villain’s weapon is his monopoly of news: TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet, etc. He controls what people think by lies and manipulation, substituting what he wants people to believe for actual facts and real news.

In today’s America, we are not far from that now. All major networks, with one exception, are hate-Trump-oriented. Every story, it seems, no matter the subject, is delivered with the sole purpose of blaming President Trump. When was the last time you heard these major networks deliver a story placing President Trump in a positive light? Can you think of even one? And yet this president has accomplished more in his first two years than any of his predecessors.

What’s even more glaring on these networks’ news broadcasts, one rarely hears any factual information to back their claims. What you hear is commentary and personal opinions from “experts” who hate Trump and his policies. No news, no fact, just hate-filled speech. No wonder a good deal of the American public believes Trump is not a good president. When you’re fed lies and hatred 24/7 for two solid years, you not only believe it, but you begin to repeat it yourselves — but again with no facts to back it up.

The channel I listen to mostly gives both sides of the issues. As a Republican, I mostly disagree with those who deliver the Democratic vein and it usually is not pleasant to hear. However, I am educated on both sides of any issue discussed, and facts are a large part of the news stories, not just endless commentaries.

We need more of this type of news channel. We all need to know both sides of these issues and demand facts to back their positions. If we as Americans settle for diatribes of hatred which just tickle our ears, then we most certainly will get the kind of nation we deserve, and it won’t have any semblance of the America we remember.

Clare Kierstead

Presque Isle

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