Westfield Jubilee marks ‘lucky 13th’

17 years ago

The 13th Annual Westfield Jubilee was held on Friday and Saturday, August 24 and 25.
The ATV pulls were held on Friday night, running until after midnight as many folks were on hand to watch and participate. There were 83 total pulls.

Saturday morning saw many different events starting up. The BINGO area was busy throughout the day.  The parade was off and running at 11 a.m. with floats, queens, a Shrine Klown, horses and trucks on display.
There were food booths, crafts and face painting at the CEF tent. A horseshoe tournament took place with Maurice Beals placing first and Fred Osgood placing second.
In the afternoon, pony rides, wagon rides and kids’ games were enjoyed, along with music by Wendell Hudson.
Following a delicious meal of roast pig, baked beans, salads, rolls and cupcakes, music was provided by Norman Bourgoin, Joyce Akerson, Larry Parks and Don O’Clair.
The Antique Tractor Pulls were very well attended as tractors from around the county were brought in for the competition. Twelve categories were run, although there seemed to be as much competition between fathers and sons as between friends and brands! The winners in the 3,000 pound class were: first – Rodney Brewer of Bridgewater with a pull of 211’ 11” on his 1946 Oliver 60; second went to Logan Brewer of Bridgewater with a pull of 211’ 9” on the same tractor as his dad; third went to Jeff Roy of Caribou with a pull of 156’ 5” on a Farmall A. The 4,000 pound class saw Bill Fitzherbert of Washburn taking 1st with a pull of 221’ 8” on a 1944 Oliver RowCrop; second went to Berton Tilley of Washburn – 163’ 1” on a 1952 Massey Harris 22. The 5,000 class saw Logan Brewer in first with a pull of 77’ 2” on a 1956 Farmall 300; second went to Roger Quint of Hodgdon – 74’ 3” on a 1953 John Deere 50; third went to Jerod Kingsbury of Bridgewater – 73’ on a 1959 Massey Ferguson. The 6,000 class saw Bill Fitzherbert in first with a pull of 114’ 3” on a 1952 Oliver 88; second went to Jerod Kingsbury – 92’ 6” on a 1950 Farmall M; third went to Keith Beaulieu of Presque Isle – 75’ 9” on a Ferguson 333.
Competition continued with the 7,000 pound class. Lynn York of Medway came in first with a pull of 136’ 8” on a 1953 Cockshutt 50;  her husband Authur York placed second on the same tractor with a pull of 103’ 8”; third place went to Troy Doody of Presque Isle with a pull of 79’ 5” on a Farmall M. The Open Class saw Bill Fitzherbert in first place with a pull of 154’ 9” on his Oliver 88; second went to Troy Doody – 98’ 9” on a Farmall M; third place went to Dennis Quint of Monticello – 91’ 11” on a 1959 John Deere 830. The 2,500 pound class saw Logan Brewer in first with a pull of 206’ 6” on an Oliver 60; second place went to Joe Cheney of Presque Isle – 204’ 1” on an Allis-Chalmers; third went to Richard Carter of Castle Hill on an Allis-Chalmers.
The 3,500 class saw Robert Watson in first with a pull of 184’ 3” on a 1937 WC Allis-Chalmers; second went to Richard Carter – 138’ 9” on a Ford 8N; third went to Kris Watson – 135’ 3” on the 1937 WC Allis-Chalmers. The 4,500 class saw Bill Fitzherbert in first place with a pull of 204’ 9” on his Oliver RowCrop; second went to Richard Carter – 179’ 11” on a Farmall 300; third went to Joe Cheney – 141’ 5” on the Farmall 300. The 5,500 class saw Larry Bull of Washburn in first with a pull of 168’ 4” on a Farmall Super H; second went to Arthur York – 123’ 6” on a 1956 Cockshutt 40; third went to Bill Fitzherbert – 107’ 9” on his Oliver 88. The 6,500 pound class saw Frank Drew of Dyer Brook in first with a pull of 104’ 8” on his Farmall Super M. Steve Thibideau of Limestone came in second on the same tractor with a pull of 63’ 1”.  The final class was 7,500 pound with Steve Thibideau coming in first with a pull of 97’ 8” and Troy Woody placing second with a pull of 65’ 4”. They both used Troy’s Farmall M. This was definitely a popular event and should be on tap to run again next year.
The Frypan Throwing contest was very popular again this year with over 19 contestants. First place went to Jolene Kinney with a throw of 60’ 11”.  Second went to Naiomi Donovan – 56’ 2” and third went to Judy Michaud – 48’ 7”. This was also a family affair, with many moms and daughters going head to head!
A talent show was well-attended as Carol Plaud, Kori Malenfant and Noelle Bailey sang, Cassandra Parsons danced, Ruth Sexton played her clarinet and Taylor Williams showed off her cup-stacking skills.  There is definitely some talent in the area! Before supper, music was also provided by ‘Elvis.’
Following all the events at the Westfield Park, a good portion of the crowd moved out to Campers’ Paradise to enjoy some live country music. Regulars Bucky Webber (steel and electric guitar), Fielda Webber (keyboards and vocal), Wendy Malenfant (bass and vocal), Kevin Malenfant (drums) and H.O. Webber (guitar and vocal), joined by Sherry Thibideau (guitar and vocal), Bob Thibideau (guitar and vocal) and Larry Adams (guitar and fiddle). Special numbers were also provided by Donna Ireland on the accordion and Patty Philbrick on guitar and vocal. Patrick Bragdon sat in on the second set on the drums, entertaining all that attended with his skills playing “Wipe Out!”
The only event that got rained out was the bonfire, so all in all, it was a very successful jubilee! I’m looking forward to next year already!
Get-well wishes go to “Fireman Fred” Parsons who was planning to entertain during the festivities but had to undergo emergency surgery.