Club discusses Balloon Fest

15 years ago

    PRESQUE ISLE – The Spragueville Homemakers Extension met Feb. 25, with 13 members present. Due to a last-minute cancellation of the scheduled meeting place and speaker, the short business meeting was held at Tim Horton’s, while members enjoyed refreshments.     President Lois Griffin led the meeting. She announced that the 2008 County Booklets were not yet ready for distribution.
    A discussion was held on the  “Stew Night” at the P.I. Snowmobile Club, Feb. 29. It was decided that rather than spend extra hours at the Clubhouse preparing the supper, it would be easier to prepare the stews at home and then transport them there. It was also decided to have a staggering work schedule, so no one would have to work more than four to six hours. Rose Barnes, Carmen Wiggens, Norma Gudreau, Marilyn Wheeler, LaVone Walters and Lois volunteered to make the stews/chowders/soup/chili. Marilyn, Rose and Joyce Bither volunteered to make rolls and Lois volunteered to furnish crackers. Janet Snow volunteered to furnish hot dogs and rolls.
    Mona Cyr, Ann Knight, Janet Snow, Carmen Wiggens, LaVone Walters, Rose Barnes, Norma Gudreau, Irma Weeks, Marilyn Wheeler and Lois also volunteer to make pies.
    Proceeds from the supper would once again benefit the Balloon Site Fence project.
    Lois brought up the subject of the “Balloon Fest,” which will be held in August, and whether or not the Extension would be in participating in some way during the event. It was decided to discuss this matter further at a later meeting. Tammy Wheeler said she would contact Derik Smith about the “Fest” details and report back to the group.
    Lois also reported that information had been received regarding the Cancer Society’s “Daffodil Days.”.
    A discussion on the County Extension Spring Tea was held. Spragueville, Mapleton and Easton Extensions are to co-host the event. County President Carolyn Kelly from Caribou could not give a definite date for the Tea at this time.
    Lois said she would contact Mapleton and Easton representatives to set up a planning schedule.
    Mona Cyr and Rose Barnes volunteered to serve on the committee.
    Marilyn Wheeler discussed the Maine Extension Homemakers Council Spring Meeting held April 18-19 in August.
     Due to two winter storms, the OTC Fun Day was re-scheduled; four members of the Spragueville Extension, Norma Gudreau, Joyce Bither, Marilyn Wheeler and Ann Knight, helped serve muffins, hot chocolate and lunch. As in past years, the group thoroughly enjoyed serving the community on this special day.