Lago Diablo (Devils Lake)

12 years ago
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Jarred Elliott

By Jared Elliott
Grade 8, LCS

This summer would have been so boring and stupid and … sorry – I’m starting this out wrong. My name is Pablo. My brothers, Carlos Pena, Jose Pena, Sam Torruellas (he is adopted), and I went on a science trip and found a map that even the FBI couldn’t understand. We live in San Antonio, and, well, we don’t like to brag, but we are pretty wealthy. Our great-grandpa came over in the Great Migration and now we live three houses away from Tom Cruise, and next door to us is Michael Jackson’s summer house. Once, my brother Jose, jumped into his yard and played with his animals and M.J. started chasing him. That’s when Jose jumped over our 5-foot fence in one bound and dove into the pool (it was winter, so we decided to empty the pool). He only had a bad headache and a broken arm. Sorry, I’m getting off topic. The day we went on our science trip was December 3, 1980. We were going to Washington, then to Oregon, then to South Dakota and then to North Dakota. It was going to be the coolest thing ever. The best part was that we got to go with two of our favorite teachers, Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Torruellas (our big brother Sam). As we packed onto the bus, Jose and Isat together and Carlos and Sam sat together. Jose and I talked about how we wanted this to be fun, but it probably wouldn’t because we were going to be learning all about science.

The bus ride was terrible. All of the people on the bus were spitting spit balls, and throwing paper airplanes, or just being plain old loud. I just sat down and started reading when … BANG! The bus broke down and we were almost to the border of Washington, so Jose, Carlos, Mr. Torruellas and I walked around for a bit. Then Mr. Goody-Goody himself (Mr. Torruellas), said “Let’s start picking up garbage,” so we did as we were asked. Now, at the time I would do anything Sam asked me. When we were almost done, I found a map-like thing. I decided to fold it up. I didn’t show it to my brothers until we were back on the bus. Sam thought it was fake, obviously, but something about it made me think otherwise, so I decided to convince Sam that it was real and it just so happened that the “X” that marks the spot was in North Dakota. The only down side is that it was in Devil’s Lake, which was 30 miles away from where we were staying, and we were only allowed in the bus when we were driving. That is why I’m glad Sam was our teacher.

I would love to tell you what all went on, but to be honest I don’t even remember. All I could think about was the map. So by the time we made it to North Dakota, I was so bored. I couldn’t believe that we were in Washington just three days before that.

When we got to the hotel I looked at the map. It said “When you reach North Dakota, go to Diablo Lake (Devil’s Lake), go to the far east of the lake, then walk 20 steps west. Get in the water. You should feel a piece of wood pull up. There will be a rope attached to it. Pull it as hard as you can. Then there should be a boat. Get in the boat. Paddle hard 11 times. Then do a figure eight, but before you connect start paddling west. You will pass a big, old-style sail boat. Once you pass the very end of that start paddling southwest. When you get ten paces away from the boat paddle 10 times as hard as you can in the southwest direction. Then you should arrive at the coordinates 48.11 North and 98.86 West. There will be a pin prick spot that human flesh has to touch. When you touch it, a swirling vortex will open up and you will be sucked in. Once you are inside you will find my money. Then you may take the amount you want, jump up in the air and the vortex will suck you up and throw you back into the boat.”

I read it aloud because I was the fastest reader, except for Sam. We all thought it was pretty straightforward, but we didn’t bring any money and we didn’t bring our GPS, so we would have a hard time finding the right spot, but oh well. We would have to try right.

After lunch Sam signed us out of the hotel and we walked to Diablo Lake (Devil’s Lake). When we got there we followed the exact directions. We went to the far east side of the lake, then took 20 steps to the west. I told Carlos to go get the boat and he got it in about 15 minutes. Then we got in the boat after a lot of hesitation, but it held up very nicely. Then we did as it said and paddled hard 11 times, then did a figure 8 and before we connected we started paddling west.