Quoggy Jo results for Sunday races

11 years ago

Quoggy Jo results for Sunday races

    The Quoggy Jo Ski Club held ski and snowboard races for youth the past two weekends, and the results are as follows:

January 13

    Skiing, boys’ 6 and under: first, Alex Duprey; second, Zachary Pelletier; and third, Jean-Gabriel Levesque; boys’ 7-9: first, Ben Duprey; second, Jackson Maynard; and third (tie), Matthew Hart and Luke Tompkins; boys’ 10-12: first, Austin Moreau; second, Zech Morse; and third, Connor Junkins; boys’ 13-15: first, Aaron Swanson; second, Josiah Morse; and third, Hunter Flynn.

    Girls’ 6 and under: first, Violet Gregg; second, Jorja Maynard; and third, Mallory Cronin; girls’ 7-9: first, Libby Kinney; second, Pascale Levesque; and third, Callie Junkins; girls’ 10-12: first, Libby Moreau; and second, Meg Casavant.

    Snowboarding, girls’ 13-15: first, Kerrigan Manter.

January 20

    Skiing, boys’ 6 and under: first, A. Duprey; second, Gavin Bernard; and third, Levesque; boys’ 7-9: first, B. Duprey; second, Oliver Graves; and third, Maynard; boys’ 10-12: first, Junkins; second, Connor Albertson; and third, Alex Graves; boys’ 13-15: first, Ian Tuttle.

    Girls’ 6 and under: first, Maynard; and second, Gregg; girls’ 7-9: first, Junkins; second, Levesque; and third, Kinney; girls’ 10-12: first, Cassidy Coiley.