Junior, Pre-Teen and Teen Miss Caribou pageant set for March 22

10 years ago

    CARIBOU — The Pre-Teen Miss Caribou, Jr. Miss Caribou and Miss Teen Caribou pageants will take place on Saturday, March 22 at 7 p.m. in the Caribou Performing Arts Center. The theme for the pageant is “Alice in Wonderland”. Pageant director Sherrill Campbell explained that these pageants are preliminary qualifiers for the Potato Blossom contests to be held in July concurrent with the Maine Potato Blossom Festival.

    The evening will begin with a dance number featuring the reigning Pre-Teen Miss Caribou Mackenna Smith, Jr. Miss Caribou Samantha Fortin, Miss Teen Caribou Karina Patterson and the contestants; the contestants will compete in the categories of physical fitness, talent, and evening gown.
    Contestants competing for Pre-Teen Miss Caribou are:
• Alexis Haley Gustin, daughter of Eric and Kimberly Gustin, will be singing for the talent portion of the pageant;
• Emily Elizabeth Collins, daughter of Anthony and Lisa Collins, will play a piano selection for her talent;
• Alexis Doroen, daughter of Jennifer Thomas and Joshua Doroen, will sing during the talent portion;
• Chloe Sleeper, daughter of Joseph and Tanya Sleeper, will play a piano selection;
• Katlyn Grace Jandreau, daughter of Nichol Soucy and Dave Jandreau, will sing during the talent portion;
• Edie Shea, daughter of Mark Shea and Becky Shea, will sing during the talent portion and accompany herself on piano;
• Mia Theriault, daughter of Shane and Jenny Theriault, will sing;
• Kerrigan Guerrette, daughter of Andy and Sheila Guerrette, will dance;
• Marienna St. Peter, daughter of Keacha Corey and Kirk St. Peter, will read a poem; and
• Naomi Renee Cote, daughter of Ryan and Nicole Cote, will sing.
    Contestants running for Junior Miss Caribou are:
• Olivia Picard, daughter of Bryan and Carla Picard, will sing during the talent portion;
• Kyra Thibeault, daughter of Rick and Beth Thibeault, will sing;
• Mariah Mink, daughter of Maryann Mink, will dance; and
• Taylor Paddleford, daughter of Lorie and Michael Paddleford, will sing.
    Contestants in the Miss Teen Caribou contest are:
• Alexis Rosemarie Guillemette, daughter of Ron Guillemette and Patti Romano, will sing; and
• Kelsey Kiehn, daughter of John and Kim Kiehn, will sing.
    Special entertainment will be provided by Jr. Miss Caribou 2013 Samantha Fortin, Pre-Teen Miss Caribou 2013 Mackenna Smith, and Miss Teen Caribou 2013 Karina Patterson.
    Admission to the pageant is $7 per person. Tickets can be purchased from any of the contestants, at Caribou High School, or at the door.

fs-Pre-Teens-dcx-ar-11-clrPhoto contributed by Sherrill Campbell
    Vying for the title of Pre-Teen Miss Caribou are, from left, front row: Chloe Sleeper, Mia Theriault, Katlyn Jandreau, Edie Shea and Marienna St. Peter. Second row: Kerrigan Guerrette, Alexis Gustin and Naomi Cote. Back row: Emily Collins and reigning 2013 Pre-Teen Miss Caribou Mackenna Smith. Contestant Alexis Doroen is not pictured.



Photo contributed by Sherrill Campbellfs-Jrs-and-Teens-dcx-ar-11-clr
    Competing in the Teen Miss Caribou and Junior Miss Caribou pageant are, from left, front row: Kelsey Kiehn, reigning Teen Miss Caribou Karina Patterson and Alexis Guillemette. Second row: Kyra Thibeault, Taylor Paddleford, Olivia Picard and Mariah Mink. Third row is Jr. Miss Caribou 2013 Samantha Fortin.