Police investigate theft from animal shelter

Joseph Cyr, Special to The County
10 years ago

    HOULTON, Maine — The Houlton Police Department is investigating the theft of an undisclosed amount of money taken from donation jars at the Houlton Humane Society March 25.

    Houlton Police Chief Butch Asselin said he had spoken with Heather Miller, executive director of the shelter, and assigned officer Ben Drew to investigate. That investigation is only in the introductory stages, he said.

    “After the recent article in the Pioneer Times, a lot of people from the greater Houlton area were bringing in food and blankets to the shelter that day,” Asselin said. “Shocking as this is, I have investigated thefts such as this before during my career. Regardless of the cause, when accepting donations remove the money or replace the containers with empty ones periodically. Also avoid clear glass containers that people can see into.”

    Miller also took to Facebook to let people know of the situation, and more donations have been coming in to the shelter in the week since the theft.

    The matter remains under investigation and the police will be following up on a lead. Anyone with information regarding the theft is urged to call the police department’s tipline at 694-3545. To contact the shelter, call 532-2862 or visit their Facebook page.