Flower planters designed to beautify and protect local VA Clinic

7 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The VA recently purchased three large concrete flower planters to use as security barriers at the Caribou clinic and, with the help of S.W. Collins, the planters are ready for flowers.

Clinic Manager Gary Michaud said the barriers are meant to prevent any incidents, either accidental or intentional, in which someone drives into the facility.

“We had someone almost accidentally drive into the clinic,” Michaud said Friday. “So we wanted to put barriers up to prevent anything like that from happening in the future. They’re strong enough to stop a good sized car or truck.”

Michaud said the American Legion asked S.W. Collins to donate soil and drainage rocks to fill the planters.

“It was really nice of S.W. Collins to help us out,” Michaud said. “We’re also expecting some flowers from the Cary [Medical Center] Ladies Auxiliary in the future.”

Michaud said he’s pleased with the result of the project, and wanted something a bit more decorative than a generic concrete barrier.

“The planters serve two purposes,” Michaud said. “They are a nice decoration, but in the event that someone incidentally drives into the clinic, it would also stop them.”