Catholic Women – week of November 8, 2017

7 years ago

The Houlton Council of Catholic Women met on Oct. 2 at 6 p.m. in the library.  There were 15 members present, moderator Father Kent and guest,  Mary Degal, daughter of Bonnie Reynolds.

President Sue Hardy led with opening prayers, salutes to the cross and flag and opening hymn.

After enjoying a lunch prepared by the October committee, Sue conducted the business meeting.

Judy O’Mara read the secretary’s report for the September meeting .  Treasurer Jane Mitchell gave the treasurer’s report.  Corresponding secretary Alta Reardon read thank-you cards from the Methodist Church, Charlene Tabb, the Hope and Justice Project and the family of Lois Downing. Historian Jane Stile presented a scrapbook with memorabilia from the 1940s.

A sign-up sheet was passed around asking members to volunteer at the upcoming rummage sale.

The council is sponsoring a shower for the animal shelters.  A box will be placed in the back of the church so parishioners can participate during the month of October.

The Knights of Columbus and the Houlton Council of Catholic Women are hosting a benefit supper for Charlene Tabb in October.

The website created by Charlene Tabb was discussed.  More information is needed.

The October meeting of the MDCCW took place in Pittsfield Oct. 28.   

Lynette Dobbs reminded the council that the Rosary will be said once a month at the two local nursing homes. Rosary at Madigan House is at 10:30 on the third Monday  of the month and at Gardiner at 10:30 on the third Friday of the month.

Prayer intentions were gathered and we closed with three Hail Marys. October birthdays and anniversaries were noted. Charlene Tabb won the door prize.

Our next meeting was scheduled for Nov. 6.