Bring the spring inside your home

As the snow diminishes to practically nothing and the weather starts to warm, the desire to get outside and enjoy the outdoors increases, as do the days the state has been encouraged to stay healthy at home. 


That doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little spring inside. My project was a little mudroom makeover, turning my dim-lit winter mudroom into a bright, springtime entryway. If you’re concerned about the cost, time and size of this project, don’t be. I did it in less than a day.

Here are a few key elements I included in my entryway make-over. 

Coats and snow pants were returned to the closet, coat racks came down, and the floor mat that absorbed winter salt was cleaned and put away for at least six months. 

The removal of the salt rug allowed me to purchase a new rug. For me, my “entryway” is halfway in my living room. A rug is a great way to define area boundaries. It is also a great place to kick off your wear-all-the-time shoes you don’t keep in the closet. 

A chair has many purposes in an entryway. It’s a great place to sit while other people in your house finish getting ready to go out. Also, if you’re like me and haven’t done any yoga or stretching all winter, you might not have the flexibility to tie said shoes. So rather than saying “Namaste-on the floor” after falling over, just take a seat and relax.  

Next came a stool with candles and a tray. Even with the hooks for keys, a tray dedicates a confined space to be a “catch-all” for your wallet, pens, fortune cookie fortunes and any other items that have found their way into your pocket and need a place to rest at the end of the day. In my living room, the stool is also taller than the height of an end table, which provides some depth to the space. 

Remember those hooks I was talking about? I found a cute mirror-with-hooks combo. 

Now, here is where spring comes in. I wanted to add some festive silk flowers to go with my Southwest spring theme. I found some deep blue file organizers that matched the blue in the chair. I picked some flowers that I knew would be springlike and go with the chair. I had the perfect springtime piece to hang in my entryway: a little slice of Texas hand painted by yours truly. 

I hung the painting and then fastened the organizers to the wall before I filled them up with flowers that I simply bent in the shape I wanted. 

The key to springtime at home is to get creative. Play with different spring color themes at the dollar store until you like the coordination. 

A calendar adds a nice touch.  While your phone can digitally hold all of your events, I find it more memorable to see the date printed on a calendar with my handwriting of what events are when. 

And one final addition: a fresh scent to make your entryway a little oasis to start your day, or to relax you when you come home. We don’t just absorb a room with our eyes. The sense of smell plays a large part in our perception. Using a scent plug-in or auto spray mechanism, pick a scent that works for you. Just remember that lavender has calming effects, which would be great for the evening but maybe not in the morning. 

And that’s it –my entryway is ready for spring. Get creative and see what you can do. With just a few inexpensive swaps, you can transform that winter gloom into springtime bloom.

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