Rethink the recall

To the editor:

I have been in Caribou for over 25 years and thanks to Councilors Kirkpatrick, Morrell and Goughan I believe this has been the best Council in all that time. Together they have not been afraid to take on the establishment, and they have stood against spending money we don’t have. Councilor Ayers also deserves a shout out here.

Doug Morrell was elected last year because Caribou’s rising taxes were a concern for me and many others.  Doug has been effective and his actions have helped hold down the tax rate.  We need a couple more just like him on the council.  Doug can be outspoken and he says what’s on his mind.  If you like Trump you gotta like Doug.  Now there’s a ‘recall’ movement against Councilor Morrell. And the reasons behind it are trivial at best.

Three weeks ago in the Republican,  Councilwoman Joan Theriault made public her disdain for Councilor Doug Morrell. In doing so she mentions his “vile and filthy language” about others. Just get online and read the vitriol directed at Doug Morrell by  those who are pushing for his recall. 

Two weeks ago in the Republican, Councilor Theriault emphasized her concern that Doug Morrell’s property taxes were not paid soon enough to be on the council according to charter requirements. Now Councilor Theriault has known since Jan. 2 that Doug Morrell’s taxes were paid two days  late, but it wasn’t until Sept. 23, nine months later, that she expressed concern. Joan’s concern is a bit disingenuous.  Now with this recall petition currently being circulated around Caribou to remove Doug Morrell from the council, it’s obvious that Councilwoman Theriault is trying to ‘dove-tail’ phony concern into the recall attempt.

Now some information has recently become public about Councilwoman Theriault’s competency to remain on the council.  This information was laid out at the last meeting and can be reviewed on YouTube. Enough said about that.

I believe this “recall’ is directed against the wrong councilor.

John Cook

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