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Enjoy the ride

The lake seemed a bit angry and the clouds were gathering so swiftly they appeared to be in competition with each other above us as we stepped onto the pontoon boat.  It was my second time out on the water, and I walked across the floor of the boat with trembling legs, finally settling down on the sofa-like seat, my heart picking up speed with anticipation.  

Carefully, we glided out in reverse until we were clear of the boat launch.  I settled back, closing my eyes as the engine began to hum beneath our feet.  The restless waves parted with little reluctance as the boat pushed on, promising each of us a peaceful voyage in spite of the gray, cloud-riddled sky above.  

I am not sure just how long we rode along, our conversation light and easy flowing.  At times, no words were needed.  We headed back to our dock, commenting on the wonder of the day.  I fell deeply in love with the pontoon boat all over again, praying I would get the opportunity to go out one more time before the cold weather and inevitable winter  would result in temporary seclusion. 

The journey was nearly over and positioning the boat back in place would be a challenge I did not anticipate.  After several attempts, and a good deal of assistance from experts on dry land, the pontoon surrendered and cozied up once again to its safe and familiar spot against the dock.

I exited the boat reluctantly, glancing back from time to time at the now restrained vessel.  That restless lake began to relax as the clouds above us yielded to the sun; dispersing with a tinge of rebellion.   

Such is life, my friends. The voyage is not always calm and the adventure sometimes ends far too soon — long before we are ready.  It is my plan to savor every second on that boat, fully aware that conditions are not always without challenge. In conclusion, I hope to “enjoy the ride,” as they say.

Please be safe, my friends. Let us all be kind to ourselves and each other. 

Belinda Ouellette lives in Caribou with her Goldendoodle, Barney.  You may email her at

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