The big vac is a winner

1 year ago

To the editor:

I recognized the noise I heard coming down the next street.  It was the sound of the Presque Isle Public Works vacuuming up the large rows of leaves. 

It was a great feeling to know they might be on our street next, and they were.  They cleaned every last leaf Darla and I had raked to the edge of our lawn and sidewalk.  What a great service this is.

I do remember back quite a few years ago piling up the leaves and burning them, and then we went to filling large paper bags and hauling them to the landfill.  What a job it was to fill a brown paper bag, especially when the wind was blowing hard.  Anyone but me knows that a windy day was not a day to rake leaves again and again.  A week later: still raking the same old leaves.

Now we have a real service thanks to the Presque Isle Public Works. Thanks to the big vac crew, no more fires, no more brown bags.

Loomis Craig
Presque Isle