Washburn ceremony honors veterans

1 year ago

WASHBURN, Maine — Amid 60-degree temperatures and sunshine, residents and veterans from Washburn and surrounding areas gathered on Veterans Day Friday to honor and remember those who served.

In a ceremony led by Washburn Boy Scout Troop 177 at the town’s Veterans Park, remembrance began with a trooping of the color and a communal Pledge of Allegiance. 

Scout Damian DuMont provided an opening prayer, followed by a special address by Larry Harrison, Scoutmaster and U.S. Air Force MSgt., Retired. 

“The true strength of our military is the spirit and skill of our military,” Harrison said. “Veterans Day 2022 finds that our sons and daughters continue to answer the call to defend our nation.”

He urged those present to continue to honor veterans of every conflict by supporting them and their families and recognizing those who have lost their lives for the nation’s freedom.

Every veteran deserves the admiration and gratitude of the entire nation, Harrison said, as he thanked those who served in both war and peace. 

“Every man and woman who wears the uniform is part of a long, unbroken line of achievement and honor,” he said.

He then asked veterans present to join him near the podium. Nine veterans spoke briefly, including Carroll Bragg, Perlin Bull, Ray Dahlgren, Bob Hohman, Tom McIntyre, David McCarthy, Kathy Philbrick, Roger York and Bud Umphrey. 

McIntyre lives in Connecticut, but returns every year for the town’s Veterans Day ceremony, he said. 

Following a closing prayer by Scout Jack Tate, DuMont played taps and the color guard retired the flags.

WASHBURN, Maine — November 11, 2022 — Damien DuMont, a member of Washburn Boy Scout Troop 177, plays taps to conclude Friday’s Veterans Day remembrance ceremony. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)

WASHBURN, Maine — November 11, 2022 — Veterans from the Washburn area join in a Veterans Day Ceremony at Washburn’s Veterans Park. Veterans present included, from left: Ray Dahlgren, Tom McIntyre, Bob Hohman, Roger York, Perlin Bull, Carroll Bragg (in back), David McCarthy and Kathy Philbrick. Also present but not in photo was Bud Umphrey. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)

WASHBURN, Maine — November 11, 2022 — Larry Harrison, U.S. Air Force MSgt., Retired, delivers a Veterans Day remembrance during ceremonies Friday in Washburn. Behind him is Damian DuMont of Washburn Scout Troop 177. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)

WASHBURN, Maine — November 11, 2022 — Members of Washburn Boy Scout Troop 177 stand at solemn attention during Friday’s Veterans Day ceremony at the Washburn Veterans Park. (Paula Brewer | The Star-Herald)