Lighthouse expands homeless youth services in Aroostook

1 year ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The Northern Lighthouse Inc. has been awarded a grant to begin a transitional living program for homeless youth.

The program, which targets young people ages 16 to 21, will be located on 14 Main St. in Mars Hill, next to The Northern Lighthouse’s Safe Harbor Shelter. 

Thanks to the funding, the organization can now lengthen the amount of time that youth can stay and receive shelter and support services. The Transitional Living Program will focus on helping youth gain education, employment and skills needed for independent living. 

Youth will gain access to homeless youth services at The Northern Lighthouse, as well as other community resources, and will be connected to a strong network of support. The program will provide a solution to the gap of needed services for homeless youth in Aroostook County and will help them make successful transitions into adulthood. 

“We are very excited to expand our ability to support the youth of Aroostook County who may be at risk of being homeless or who are experiencing homelessness currently,” said Blake Hatt, chief operations officer.

“By adding this Transitional Living Program, we will be able to provide youth with a long-term supported housing option which will help prepare them for living on their own as an adult,” Hatt said.

The Lighthouse plans to open the program on Jan. 3. This new program will complement existing services for homeless youth and will expand the reach of The Northern Lighthouse, which will be able to offer access to shelter and support not only to youth ages 10-17 through its Safe Harbor Shelter, but also to youth above this age range by providing a program specifically designed for teens who are transitioning into adulthood. 

For information about this new opportunity to help end youth homelessness in Aroostook County, call 207-540-1522 or visit