Another perspective on choosing life

12 months ago

To the editor:

The abortion expanding debate has many individuals taking part.  Some hold the position that there might be good reasons to permit abortion in the first weeks for a limited set of reasons, such as the health of the woman or rape.  Both sides might be able to agree to this. 

Yet one side wants to make abortion available through to the moment just before birth.  The argument seems to be for the health of the woman again.  If the woman is receiving proper health care, then this should reduce or avoid altogether the need for “blank check” abortion.

Another way to think about this issue is to make it personal.  I have.

All members of my family tree have lived for years in Florida.  But my parents moved to California.  I was a very young child when my father killed my mother.  My uncle on my mother’s side took us four children into his home.

I have many unanswered questions.  Did the two families disapprove of my father?  Were there any dark secrets?  Had abortion been a known option in the 1950s, would my father have forced my mother to have one?  Which of us four children might not be here today?

That last question causes me to pause.  That would have meant that I might not have been given a chance to be born.  Today, I am alive and I have a son and he has five children.  I am glad that, as badly flawed as my parents were, they chose life for me.

Shouldn’t we choose life for the unborn?

Fred Strickland