Late-term abortion not good for Maine

12 months ago

To the editor:

I wrote a letter to you the last week in March, after attending a Speak Up For Life meeting in Presque Isle on March 25, hoping to make people aware of the pending legislation regarding abortion expansion in the state of Maine, and also hoping people would speak up for life. I am trusting that many did.

Since then legislation has been put through (LD 1619) that would make the abortion law one of the most extreme in the nation, with abortion possible up to viability (when the baby could survive outside of the womb with medical help — which usually happens around 24 to 26 weeks), or to the time of birth.  

Gov. Mills campaigned on not changing Maine’s abortion law, but now has this extreme bill pending.  She and the Democrats supporting this are counting on the fact Mainers will not speak up. 

This bill has now been assigned to the Judiciary Committee, and the first public meeting on this bill was held May 1 in Augusta.  Mainers need to speak up now for those who cannot speak, by contacting members of the Judiciary Committee and their own senator and representative.  

Please go to for more information regarding this, and action points you can participate in.  Even if you are pro-choice, but do not believe in late-term abortion, please speak up.  This is not Maine.

Sandra Burtchell
Fort Fairfield