Ignite PI and SAD 1 Adult & Community Education announce successful workforce  development partnership

2 weeks ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine – Ignite PI, in collaboration with SAD 1 Adult & Community Education, is pleased to announce the ongoing success of their workforce development  partnership, bolstered by a $400,000 Strengthening Maine’s Workforce Grant awarded by the  Maine Department of Education. This initiative is designed to enhance hospitality training within  the community, providing significant support to both local businesses and employees.

LeRae Kinney, CEO of Ignite PI, authored the grant that has been instrumental in this  partnership. Under the capable leadership of Shara Page, current director of SAD 1 Adult &  Community Education, the program has exceeded expectations and delivered substantial benefits  to the region. 

Since the program’s inception in October 2022, a total of 135 individuals have received  comprehensive hospitality training, including 94 Ignite PI employees and 41 non-Ignite PI  employees. These participants have engaged in 19 distinct training programs designed to elevate  the skill set of hospitality workers across 15 different businesses in the area. 

The impact of this grant is profound, having provided 4,686.5 hours of training to Ignite PI  employees and 240 hours to non-Ignite PI employees, all at no cost to the participants or their  employers. This initiative not only fosters professional growth but also strengthens the local  economy by enhancing the quality of service within the hospitality sector. 

“We are thrilled with the progress and positive outcomes of this partnership,” said LeRae  Kinney. “The training programs have not only improved the capabilities of our employees at  Ignite PI but have also contributed significantly to the broader community. This grant has  allowed us to offer high-quality education and training free of charge, which is a tremendous  asset.” 

The grant, initially set to conclude in June, has been extended through June 2025, allowing  for continued support and expansion of hospitality training programs. This extension underscores  the program’s success and the ongoing need for skilled hospitality workers in the region.

Shara Page added, “The collaboration between Ignite PI and SAD 1 Adult & Community  Education demonstrates the power of community partnerships in addressing workforce  development needs. We are excited to continue this journey and look forward to training even  more individuals in the coming year.” 

For more information about the hospitality training programs and the partnership between Ignite  PI and SAD 1 Adult & Community Education, please contact: 

LeRae Kinney, CEO, Ignite PI, at lkinney@ignitepi.com or 555-123-4567, Shara Page, director of Adult Education, SAD 1 Adult & Community Education,  pages@sad1.org or 207-764-4776.