Crosswalk safety

15 years ago

To the editor:
When I first moved to Presque Isle, I marveled at the bike/walking path that runs through town.
What a wonderful idea it is and allows people a safe way to exercise or simply walk to a friend’s house. While I still love this path, I no longer think of it as safe. I am disheartened each time I use it because drivers show no respect for the crosswalks connecting it. Cars, trucks, construction vehicles, even police vehicles (not on an emergency) show no signs of stopping. If it’s not common knowledge that stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk is a law, let me explain. It’s a law!
Pretending not to see people so you can drive on is not acceptable. I moved to Presque Isle for the sense of community, the calm and easy going manner in which people live their lives. But those feelings are questionable when the citizens of this city won’t stop for their neighbors. It is the same problem we seem to hear everywhere, people are too busy to take others into consideration or maybe they feel their time is too valuable to stop. Next time you are traveling on Cedar, Academy, State, North and all the streets in-between, please be aware that it is summer and the bike/walking path is a busy place. Take 10 seconds out of your day to follow the law — to stop and let someone safely cross the street.

Gretchen Violette
Presque Isle