Facebook helps properly identify Tech Center class photos

12 years ago

By Natalie Bazinet
Staff Writer

CARIBOU — What started as an effort to better utilize wall space has resulted in a massively good natured social media project aimed at identifying past students of the Caribou Regional Technology Center in historic class photos.

Every vocational class of the Caribou Regional Technology Center has been photographed for display along the walls of the school’s southwest corridor since 1988, and the hallway has since ran out of room to proudly showcase the students.

More space efficient frames are currently are in the works, slated to be built by Tech Center students, but the space-maximizing project began a photo endeavor chain reaction.

School officials found that some of the photos had become faded over time, and set out to ensure their preservation by scanning them into the computer.

Photos from 1988-2001, however, did not have any names to accompany the photos, and the project resultantly took on another facet.

Students of the yearbook class hit the books — old yearbooks, that is — and began trying to match faces with names.

“They were able to identify Caribou kids, but we’re a regional school,” explained CRTC Director Ralph Conroy.

That’s when the school’s Graphics Art Instructor Darick Williams came up with the idea of taking the already-scanned class photos and posting them on Facebook, and the results were incredibly positive.

“I didn’t think we’d get the response we got,” Conroy said. “We had hundreds of hits.”

Names of former students started pouring in — along with good-natured ribbing amongst Tech Center alumnus about 15-year-old clothing choices and hairstyles, of course.

It may have been a less than linear project, but the end result will be a literal memory lane where current students can look back in time and catch a glimpse of their predecessors — which occasionally includes their aunts, uncles and parents.

There are still some nameless faces that are awaiting identification, and the photos can be seen by visiting the Caribou Regional Technology Center’ Facebook page.