Charlotte Marley, Special to The County
8 years ago

There were 15 TOPS and one KOPS at the regular Friday morning meeting of TOPS 0233 Houlton.
Leader Betty Wyman called the meeting to order with the TOPS pledge and roll call. The weight recorder reported on the losses of the week with Janette Nelson being the loser of the week, and Joanne Scott was the runner-up.

Leader Betty announced that there will be a new contest starting the second week in July. Next week members should bring their copies of the bylaws and also the TOPS rules. The summer contest has begun that will end with Fall Rally in Bangor on Oct. 17.
Taking home the 50/50 was Diane Folsom and the Skinny Dish was held over. Opal Adams joined as a new member this week.
Denise Clark’s program was on new studies about eggs and now they are called “the good egg” after all.
Janice Cote, TOPS area captain, will visit the chapter July 17.
The meeting ended with a veggie scramble quiz.
For more information about TOPS, call Betty Wyman, 532-6191.