Fixing the broken immigration system

9 years ago

I’m a proud Franco-American. Like many Mainers, my ancestors came from Canada to farm the land, log the forests, and toil in Maine’s textile mills.

I have always believed that legal immigration is a fundamental part of our American heritage.  I’m very proud of the contributions that my ancestors and immigrants of all different backgrounds have made to make this country so successful.

These are the sorts of immigrants America needs for the future.

Our nation’s immigration laws exist to protect hard-working Mainers and immigrants who came to our Country legally, through the proper channels. I have always said that legal immigration is good for America; however, illegal immigration is not.

I believe that before fixing the broken immigration system, our federal government should do its job and, finally, secure our borders. Our borders and ports must be secured to prevent further illegal entry.

That’s why I’m concerned with the creation of “Sanctuary Cities,” or municipalities, in our country that purposely refuse to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. Those who come to our country, illegally, and repeatedly break our laws should not be allowed asylum. Our federal immigration laws are in place to help protect our local towns and communities — they must be fully enforced.

That is why I voted in support of the  Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act so as to ensure our Nation’s immigration laws are enforced.

I also cosponsored a bill that will require illegal immigrants, who have been convicted of sexual assault, to register on the Sex Offender Registration list.

Additionally, I believe unlawful entry into America is a jobs issue.

Hard-working Mainers continue to struggle through the worst recession in seventy years. It’s not fair to force them to compete for jobs with millions of other potential workers who are here illegally. Maine families deserve a federal government that works for them, not against them.