Dorcas Sewing Sisters craft dresses for Moldova

3 years ago

DANFORTH, Maine — The Dorcas Sewing Sisters have once again crafted an array of dresses to send to underprivileged countries.

Donations of sewing items and money from around the country made it possible for the group to create an impressive 139 dresses to be sent to orphans in Moldova — a country located between the Ukraine and Romania.

Lydia Preston, 78, of Weston has spent the past four winters creating dresses and matching handbags for this cause. It is estimated that she has created 788 dresses, as well as baby blankets, jumpers and slippers for the project.

Preston is one of several ladies involved in the Dorcas Sewing Sisters who contribute to projects in different parts of the world. They meet two Tuesdays a month at the Danforth Baptist Church to sew, sort, pack and send whatever has come in for clothing items.

The Dorcas have created dresses since 2015 and have sent clothing to a number of different countries.